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Fellow Members,

I am so excited to have this opportunity to share with you the various benefits that are available to you as a member of the HBACT and the additional opportunities for marketing, networking, as well as being the voice of change within your Association, Community, State, and nation.

You may have heard of the wonderful opportunities to meet you continuing education requirements, health insurance benefit, as well as the opportunity to be an influence over those things which would affect our housing industry within our community as well as the home building industry as a whole at the state and national level. It is more important now than ever to stand alongside others to be the voice of change to protect our way of life.

In order to share with you the additional opportunities that await you, we have brought together this list of possible sponsorship opportunities.

Together along with the Association, I believe you will be able to better your business, your community, and the lives of all those you influence. We value this opportunity to recognize you as the industry leader that you are.

For those who have been Patrons with us Your continuing participation is very important to the success of the Association. We are greatly appreciative of all you do for the HBACT.


Katrina Waldrip
2021 HBACT President
Who Dat Homes
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Get Involved!

Become a member of HBACT and get:
  • Education of our industry
  • Credibility so you can land more jobs
  • Connections and networking
  • A voice in our local, state, and national governments
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How to join HBACT

To become a member, please send an application with a check via mail. Want to go online? Send your application via email and request an invoice.


Thank you to our sponsors! More builders are able to meet the need in the community with your help.

Diamond Sponsorships
Gold Sponsorships
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Membership Costs

$575 annually ~ Builder/Associate
The sponsoring member must be either a Builder and/or an Associate member in good standing and Builder/Associate membership includes your membership at all 3 levels:
  • National
  • State
  • Local

Affiliates are charged $65 flat fee, but the parent company has to be a full member.

Affiliates are only members of the National and Local Association.

Spike Club

Awarded for your efforts.
When you bring in a full member to the association, you get “spikes” or credits. Read more on how to obtain spikes:
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