Dear Members,

As you all know, 2018 is an election year. From a fundraising perspective, that means our efforts to raise money, must shift into high gear. Let me share with you our recent legislative successes so you can see why it is so important to support those candidates that share a like mind with us when it comes to our industry. Our efforts have not only saved those working in the home building industry thousands of dollars, but has also raised awareness of our strong voice within the legislature. Within the past several years, we removed residential sprinkler mandates from the IRC state-wide code. Then we successfully supported legislation that forced local governments to consider sprinkler mandates separate from any local code adoption process, requiring 2
readings at special meetings that must be held two weeks apart requiring 2/3rds vote to adopt any sprinkler mandates. We also successfully worked to get the Vested Property Rights Act passed that protects developers by "vesting" a proposed development from the time of initial approval through its completion. This means that local governments cannot require any changes to a development once a developer has preliminary plat approval. Whatever rules (development standards) the city or county approves, stay with the preliminary plan as long as the project begins within 3 years. Combine the success of the Vested Property Rights legislation with the forced annexation by referendum vote, property rights are more protected now than ever before in Tennessee. We also helped pass legislation that treats sprinkler mandates in Townhomes the same as single family homes. Local Governments are now forced to require 2 readings and 2/3rds vote to adopt any sprinkler mandates in Townhomes. We successfully helped pass legislation that prevents TDEC from requiring more stringent regulations than that of the EPA when it comes to post construction storm water requirements. In addition to that, we helped pass legislation this year that requires the definition of Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) to go through a Rule making process that ultimately requires legislative oversight, before a post construction storm water permit can be approved. A huge victory for our industry. As a result of our efforts this year as well, homebuilders are a little more protected in the event there is a homeowner contractual issue with homebuilder product services and delivery. When you put dollars and cents to what we have saved builders and developers, at a minimum, there is a savings of $5,000 to $10,000 per home built. Multiply that by the number of homes you plan to build or lots developed over the next several years, and you can see the magnitude of our work in the legislature. Our main objective now is to be a significant force during elections and legislative sessions that
builds upon our industry's representation politically and economically. We share these successes and objectives with you so that you understand the importance of your participation in the Tennessee Key Club. The Key Club is a group of members that believe together, we have one voice and a say in Tennessee Government and issues that impact our industry. Key Club members contribute a minimum of $1,000 to the Housing Industry Political Action Committee (HIPAC). It is through contributions to the HIPAC that we provide support to those candidates that share our agenda when it comes to the home building industry, keeping our industry strong. As you may know, PAC contributions in Tennessee can be corporate dollars. With your support of the Tennessee Key Club, the HBAT can continue to work hard to keep our industry healthy and prosperous. Thank you in advance for your commitment and dedication to the Home Builders Association of Tennessee and the home building industry.
Best Regards,

Kevin V. Woodward
President RCHBA
NAHB Build Pac Vice Chairman

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